Questions and answers

What models does eMenus cover?

2000 models and newer.

Do we have to integrate eMenus with our dealership operating system?

No. eMenus is a stand-alone, web-based system that requires no integration.

Are we responsible for creating and inputting the eMenus Service Package data?

No. We do all the development, inputting, and maintenance of eMenus data.

(Remote Access Required)

Do I have to update my eMenus account with new models, parts or service data?

No. Notify eMenus, and we will make the necessary changes to your eMenus account.

(Remote Access Required)

Can we use our existing ops codes?

We offer 1,000-2,000 customized service packages that use 150-200 various ops codes. However, we are able to incorporate some existing ops codes when necessary.

(Remote Access Required)

Where does eMenus get its data for developing the service packages?

Our data comes from the manufacturers' manuals for recommended services.

Can I print the marketing menus generated from your system?

Yes. Our system allows you to print the customized eMenus, as well as repair and service estimations.

How much does your solution cost?

Our solution is offered at a very competitive price with a standard installation fee and a monthly service fee that more than pays for itself through the proven cost savings and increased revenue our system brings to your Fixed Ops department.

We offer one-, two-, and three-Tier pricing structures depending on your needs.

Please contact our sales staff for a demo and cost outline today at