Improve Customer Experience and Profits

Customized to meet your dealership goals, eMenus Automotive ensures that you are marketing, selling and upselling the proper factory-recommended services to each individual customer.

By offering consistent service, parts and labor pricing, printing of service package menus on-demand, and providing quick, comprehensive estimates tailored to the customers' specific models, your customers will be confident their cars are in good hands. 

Our eMenus Automotive system operates as an online Model & Drive-Train-Specific Search Engine & Service Package Advisory Tool. It recommends factory and dealer plus services - all at your finger tips - with a click of your mouse. It’s that simple, that fast, and that efficient!


The time and resources saved with  eMenus' expert personnel building, installing, and maintaining the hundreds of dealership op codes and service packages makes our solution well worth your investment.  You'll find that our commitment to making the eMenus solution fit your dealership needs is unmatched.

What Our Customers Have to Say

“We have consistently increased gross profit ever since we installed eMenus 18 months ago. While other factors directly contributed, I can definitely attribute an increase of at least $6 per hour in our effective labor rate to eMenus, which comes to approximately $27,000 per month. The tool is incredibly inexpensive for what we get out of it.”

Bud King, Formerly Universal Toyota
“eMenus is very user friendly and it’s a snap to learn and update any changes. We have seen a strong increase in profitability and the system is very competitively priced. In fact, it paid for itself in just the first month from the amount we saved on paper costs.”

Ted Roach, Lexus of Las Vegas
“It has increased the confidence level of our advisors as they are now consistently able to price the service and know exactly what that vehicle needs. We can sell the needed maintenance as soon the car arrives at the dealership, even before it goes into the shop for an inspection. Before we just hoped that the tech would catch everything. Consequently, our profit has increased and eMenus pays for itself monthly more than twice over.”

Andy Schmidt, Glockner Honda-Toyota
“Calculating the ROI on this would be something. If you figure simple math – 2,300 ROs per month and increase customer pay by more than $20 per RO.”

Dan Marceau, Formerly Gullo Toyota
“It’s removed all confusion and we can sell with confidence. It’s magic to show the customer right on the computer screen, and not blindly insist that 'you need a transmission flush because you do.'  We even have videos built inside the program to help explain the benefits to the customer; it looks and sounds better coming from a third party. This system is incredibly profitable, it pays for itself tenfold, but I feel the biggest benefit is the surety the customer gets that it’s a true honest recommendation. It's immeasurable how much that brings to our dealership from the customer coming back and buying more service or another vehicle because they believe in our integrity and trust us.”

Nachy Valledor, Toyota Of Slidell